Jérôme Decoster

Jérôme Decoster

3x AWS Certified - Architect, Developer, Cloud Practionner

17 Feb 2023

Prometheus + Grafana + Slack + SNS + Ansible

Install + configure a complete monitoring solution automatically with Ansible and Terraform.
21 Dec 2022

Create temporary environment from Pull Request with ArgoCD ApplicationSet

Deploying app to Kubernetes. Creating a new environment for each pull request.
22 Nov 2022

ArgoCD Sync Wave + Postgres

Deploying app to Kubernetes and setup Postgres database using ArgoCD Sync Wave in a Kind cluster with Terraform.
18 Oct 2022

Microservice + ArgoCD ApplicationSet + Image Updater

Deploying microservice using ArgoCD ApplicationSet and ArgoCD Image Updater in a Kind cluster with Terraform.
03 Oct 2022

ArgoCD + Image Updater

Playing with ArgoCD Image Updater and public and private repositories.
15 Jul 2022

EKS + RDS + PostgreSQL

Interract with RDS for PostgreSQL from an EKS cluster.
07 Jul 2022

EKS + DynamoDB

Interract with DynamoDB from an EKS cluster with a Service Account.
03 Jun 2022

EKS + ArgoCD + Multi-Environments and Multi-clusters Gitops

Deploy multiple environments on multiple EKS clusters with ArgoCD.
20 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Adapter Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Adapter Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube, Redis, Prometheus and Grafana.
14 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Sidecar Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Sidecar Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube.
11 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Init Container Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Init Container Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube.
17 Feb 2022

ArgoCD + Minikube + Ngrok + Github Webhook

Testing ArgoCD with Minikube. Instantaneous update with Github webhook and Ngrok.
08 Feb 2022

RDS + Aurora + MySQL + PostgreSQL + Bastion + Terraform

Create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases using Terraform. Interract with them using a bastion host and an SSH tunnel.
20 Jan 2022

Disaster recovery with multi region architecture

Disaster recovery project with multi region replication. Setup with Terraform.
02 Dec 2021

AWS Grafana + Lambda + Terraform

Monitoring Lambda function with Managed Grafana.