Jérôme Decoster

Jérôme Decoster

3x AWS Certified - Architect, Developer, Cloud Practionner

20 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Adapter Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Adapter Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube, Redis, Prometheus and Grafana.
14 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Sidecar Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Sidecar Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube.
11 Apr 2022

Kubernetes + Init Container Pattern + Minikube

Testing the Init Container Kubernetes Pattern with Minikube.
17 Feb 2022

ArgoCD + Minikube + Ngrok + Github Webhook

Testing Argo CD with Minikube. Instantaneous update with Github webhook and Ngrok.
08 Feb 2022

RDS + Aurora + MySQL + PostgreSQL + Bastion + Terraform

Create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases using Terraform. Interract with them using a bastion host and an SSH tunnel.
20 Jan 2022

Disaster recovery with multi region architecture

Disaster recovery project with multi region replication. Setup with Terraform.
02 Dec 2021

AWS Grafana + Lambda + Terraform

Monitoring Lambda function with Managed Grafana.
22 Nov 2021

CDK + CDKTF + Lambda + DynamoDB

Creating API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB with CDK and CDKTF.
26 Oct 2021

EC2 + Ansible + AWS CLI

Creating EC2 instances with AWS CLI. Uptading them with Ansible.
05 Jul 2021

Kubernetes + EKS + Canary Deployment

Testing Kubernetes Canary Deployment on EKS.
10 Jun 2021

Kubernetes + EKS + Blue/Green Deployment

Testing Kubernetes Blue/Green Deployment on EKS.
10 Mar 2021

Gitlab + ECS + Terraform

Using Gitlab CI/CD to automatically build and push a new docker image on ECR and deploy it to ECS.
18 Feb 2021

Lambda + Terraform + Github Actions

Building a continuous deployment for Lambda functions in a multi-stage environment.
12 Oct 2020

Rabbitmq : publish, consume, cluster

Playing with RabbitMQ. Publish and consume messages. Using RabbitMQ in single or cluster mode.
05 Oct 2020

EKS + Prometheus + Grafana

Install Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes. Perform a CPU stress test to see the evolution of Prometheus metrics and Kubernetes autoscaling.